MCTP Award Recipients


Please congratulate the following MCTP members that were recent award recipients:

  • Yashar Nikfas was awarded the AACR-Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology Scholar-in-Training Award. The Award recognizes outstanding young investigators for their meritorious work in cancer research.He also was awarded the Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship.
  • Sethu Pitchiaya received the 2016 AACR-Bayer Prostate Cancer Research Fellowship for his project entitled, “Androgen receptor regulation by lncRNA PRCAT47 in prostate cancer”.
  • Rohit Malik received the DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) Idea Development New Investigator Award for his project entitled, “Discovery and Characterization of PRCAT47: A Novel Prostate Lineage and Cancer-Specific Long Noncoding RNA”.
  • Lanbo Xiao received the FY2015 DOD Prostate Cancer Research Program (PCRP) Fellowship entitled, "Biological characterization and clinical utilization of metastatic prostate cancer-associated lincRNA SchLAP1".
  • Sunita Shankar received 1st place for her abstract presentation entitled, “KRAS Engages AGO2 for Cellular Transformation” at the APHPMP Research Day held at BRSB, University of Michigan on Feb 13th 2016.