Genetic landscape of pediatric cancers


MCTP researchers and collaborators have published the results from the first 102 pediatric patients enrolled in the PEDS-ONCOSEQ clinical sequencing study (JAMA, Vol. 314, No. 9, Sept. 1, 2015). A total of 91 pediatric patients with advanced or relapsed cancer underwent complete sequence analysis. Forty-two patients (46%) had actionable findings that changed their cancer management and individualized actions were taken in 23 patients based on actionable integrative clinical sequencing findings, including change in treatment for 14 patients and genetic counseling for future risk for 9 patients. Nine of the personalized clinical interventions resulted in ongoing partial clinical remission of 8 to 16 months or helped sustain complete clinical remission of 6 to 21 months. All 9 patients and families with actionable incidental genetic findings agreed to genetic counseling and screening. The study is the first to report on combined multiple genome sequencing approaches (tumor as well as normal DNA and tumor RNA) in real-time, in children and young adults with relapsed cancers.

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