New drug target for treating CRPC


Researchers at MCTP have found a novel epigenetic approach to target castration resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). The results of this study led by Dr. Irfan Asangani was published in Nature (published online April 23, 2014). They found that a protein called BET bromodomain protein 4 binds to the hormone androgen receptor downstream of where current therapies work – targeting androgen receptor signaling. The researchers used a compound called JQ1, designed to inhibit BET bromodomain proteins, to test the concept in cell lines and mice. They found that JQ1 blocked androgen signaling even when cells no longer responded to current anti-androgen therapies. The JQ1 BET bromodomain inhibitor blocked androgen receptor signaling, which is downstream of the androgen receptor, making it potentially unaffected by the acquired resistance related to hormone signaling. Read more...