Scott Tomlins

Assistant Professor of Pathology
7322 CCC

Scott Tomlins, M.D., Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Pathology and MCTP.

My research has focused on using high-throughput techniques to characterize the cancer genome and transcriptome to identify cancer-specific aberrations to better understand cancer biology and identify clinically relevant biomarkers and therapeutic targets. My most important contribution has been discovering TMPRSS2:ETS gene fusions in prostate cancer, which play a fundamental role in prostate cancer development and have potential as biomarkers for early detection, risk stratification and therapeutic targeting. I have led studies characterizing the diversity of gene fusions, their in vitro function, and generation and characterization of transgenic mouse models. This finding is the basis for ongoing efforts to molecularly subclassify prostate cancer, which also incorporates additional gene fusions we identified as well as a subtype over-expressing SPINK1, which encodes a protease that may be targeted therapeutically. Research in my newly established laboratory utilizes integrative high-throughput approaches to molecularly profile genitourinary malignancies, including clinical subtyping of prostate cancer, as well as bladder and adrenocortical carcinoma.

Important to the success of this proposal, I led initial validation studies using cDNA microarray and qPCR analysis of the TransPlex Whole Transcriptome Amplification technology from Rubicon Genomics that will be utilized in this proposal. Similarly, I co-led the initial application of this technology to urine sediments to detect TMRPPSS2:ERG gene fusions by qPCR, either alone or in multiplex. I have also led follow-up studies using clinical grade assays developed by Gen-Probe for TMPRSS2:ERG and the lncRNA PCA3, including comparisons to prostatectomy tissue expression of ERG. As a member of the University of Michigan Center for Translational Pathology and Prostate Cancer S.P.O.R.E., I have full access to banked urine samples and matched prostatectomy samples that can be assessed for lncRNA and Gleason grade associated transcripts by TransPlex and qPCR.

2000:    Barry M. Goldwater Scholar

2001:    Phi Beta Kappa, Willamette University

2006:   American Society for Investigative Pathology, Experimental Pathologist in Training Award

2006: American Society for Clinical Investigation and Association of American Physicians, Stanley J. Korsmeyer Young Investigator Award

2006:    Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan

2007:  American Cancer Society Travel Scholarship, Active Surveillance for Early Stage Prostate Cancer

2007:   Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

2007:   American Association for Cancer Research Team Science Award

2007:   Prostate Cancer Foundation, Young Investigator Award

2008:   Horace H. Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Michigan

2008:  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, First Place Excellence in Research Award for Students

2009:   Selected for Future Leaders Special Symposium, AACR 100th Annual Meeting

2009:   George R. Demuth Award, University of Michigan MSTP

2011:   Excellence in Urologic Pathology Award, International Society of Urological Pathology

2011: AACR-Prostate Cancer Foundation Scholar-in-Training Award, AACR 102nd Annual Meeting 2011

2012:   Selected as Biological Sciences Scholars Program scholar, University of Michigan

Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications (15 from a total of 66 peer-reviewed publications):

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