Palanisamy Lab

Lab Members:

Nalla Palanisamy, Research Associate Professor, Pathology

Shannon Carskadon, Research Lab Specialist Associate





Research: Molecular Cytogenetics/ Molecular Pathology Laboratory 

Primary goal of this laboratory is to identify recurrent gene fusions and understand their role in cancer development with particular emphasis on prostate cancer, gastric cancer and melanoma. We employ a full-range of genetic, molecular biological, molecular cytogenetic and next generation sequencing methods to unravel the complex architecture of cancer at the genome and transcriptome level. We pioneered the application of next generation sequencing applications in cancer and identified rare targetable gene fusions in gastric cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma.

We offer a full range of molecular cytogenetic and molecular pathological services to investigators in the U of M research community and other institutions through research collaborations. We have ongoing industry collaborations toward the goal of developing novel test procedures for systematic classification of prostate cancer based on molecular markers. Our list of services include:

  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
    • Single, dual and multi-color FISH on cultured cells and FFPR tissues
    • Custom probe design and development
    • Large collection of BAC clones for custom probe design

  • Comparative Genomic hybridization
    • High resolution array CGH for copy number profile analysis

  • Spectral Karyotyping
    • Karyotyping cancer cell lines through multi-color spectral karyotyping
  • Karyotyping of cell lines/primary tumors
    • G-band karyotyping of cancer cell lines and primary tumors
  • Gene fusion screening
    • Detection of chromosome translocations and associated deletions
    • Break-apart  and gene fusion detection probes
  • Amplification/deletion detection
    • Locus specific probes with appropriate centromere control probes
  • Immunohistochemistry
    • Automated and manual procedures
  • ERG/PTEN dual immunohistochemistry
    • Screening for simultaneous detection of ERG rearrangement and loss of PTEN
    • Cross validation by dual and/or four color FISH
  • ERG/SPINK1 dual immunohistochemistry
    • Simultaneous screening of two major molecular markers in prostate cancer
    • Identification of rare molecular subtypes of prostate cancer
  • BCC/AMACR/ERG Quad immunohistochemistry
    • Unique IHC for diagnosing challenging prostate biopsies
  • RNA in situ hybridization – coding and non-coding RNA
    • In situ detection of protein coding genes without good antibody
    • In situ detection of non-coding RNA (PCA3, NEAT1, PCAT-1, Schlap-1)

Download Lab Protocols:

FFPE FISH Protocol

Metaphase FISH Protocol